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Framing Work

Riedel Green Roofing Images
Prior roofing contractor unsuccessfully attempted to pitch this NYC roof using 2x4 lumber and wood shims so that it would drain. The roof has been leaking slowly for a long as water is "ponding" on the roof causing mold and mildew problems in the apartment below.

Riedel is rebuilding the roof with custom cut tapered 2x8 lumber to properly pitch the roof Roofing work should only be done by licensed, certified and insured manufacturer trained contractors with experienced crews!

A Collapsing Roof

The former trusted framing contractor never used joist hangers to secure the beams. The roof is sagging as a result by over an inch and in danger of collapse!

Prior laborers failed to install joist hangers from the joists to the main carrrying beam and used nails only. Over time the weight of the roof and paver systems caused the beams to sag an inch. The roof was in danger of collapsing into the living space below!!! Our carpenters installed the new joist hangers and restored the framing system to support the new roof.

Improperly nailed shingles we found inspecting a leaking roof done by another contractor will leak slowly causing ceiling damage and mildew to form inside of the home. Another example of shoddy low cost work done by sub-contracted labor. Damage may show up months or several years later due to the slow leaks caused.
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