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Riedel Green Roofing Images
Intensive Rooftop Landscaping
Intensive green roofs can most easily be compared to building a garden on a roof. They are usually multi functional and accessible.

They require more weight and a deeper system build-up. The maintenance is regular and depends on the landscape design and the chosen plant material. Anything is possible from lawns, perennials, shrubs, trees including other landscape options such as ponds, pergolas and patios.

  • Ornamental lawn, summer flowers, demanding shrubs, bushes and trees
  • Regular maintenance required
  • Build-up height depending on plant selectionWeight >150 kg/m
Riedel Green Roofing Images
Roof Garden
Urban Rooftop Farming
Green Roof System "Perennial Garden" the Ideal System for Blooming Perennials & Fragrant Herbs
"Perennial Garden" is a simple intensive Green Roof system and allows for the inclusion of various perennials and small shrubs in the plant selection. Compared to extensive Green Roofs, the larger capacity of the drainage layer and the thicker layer of growing medium facilitate this broader plant palette.

Apart from low-growing Sedum species, the plant community "Perennial Garden" also contains fragrant drought resistant herbs and small shrubs, like thyme, oregano, lavender and ornamental grasses, which can be completed by colorfully flowering species using a special planting design.

For this semi-intensive Green Roof, the ZinCo Floradrain FD 40-E water retaining- and drainage element is combined with the ZinCo Zincoblend I growing medium specifically developed for this plant community, to create the right growing conditions for the various species of this type of Green Roof.

By shaping the growing medium, it is possible to create a varied appearance. Various designs and combinations with walkways and patios are also possible. The "Perennial Garden" system requires only moderate care and maintenance. During dry season additional irrigation may be necessary.

System Build-Up
Roof Garden
"Roof Garden" is a multifunctional Green Roof system build-up with high water storage. Depending on the depth of growing medium, lawn, perennials, shrubs or small trees can be planted. This build-up allows for a variety of design concepts, even water features can be designed. Various combinations are possible, e.g. with walkways, patios, playgrounds or even driveways. Concrete foundations for kerbs, walls or furnishings without penetrating the waterproofing and unhindered drainage underneath the Floradrain FD 60 are possible.

Within the Roof Garden, it is useful to store as much rainwater as possible to reduce the need for additional watering. The Floradrain FD 60 drainage element allows very high water retention suitable for all aspects of diverse roof gardens. The water is stored across the roof area and reaches the plants by capillary action and diffusion. Water storage and irrigation from underneath, a so-called dam up irrigation can also be easily achieved by installing roof dam elements above the roof outlets. A roof laid at 0 fall is required to include this feature, along with a suitable waterproofing membrane. Inspection chambers allow for examination and maintenance of the roof dam elements at any time. With automatic irrigation machines, the water level of the dam up irrigation can be maintained even in periods of drought.

System Build-Up
Urban Rooftop Farming
The number of densely populated urban centers is increasing. More than half of the worlds population now lives in towns or cities, where undeveloped or green spaces are seldom to be found. Green roofs, as a counterbalance to this, have made the breakthrough in such densely-populated areas.

It comes as no surprise therefore, that roof areas are used for the production of fruits, vegetables and herbs.
The Fresher the Better!
Child with vegetables

A vegetable garden on the roof offers many environmental benefits. Supply routes and emissions are minimized, as the garden is close to the consumers. Short supply routes also mean that the goods are fresher when delivered and, therefore, tastier. And, the plants filter pollutants from the air, thereby contributing to an improved climate in towns and cities.
System Build-Up for Fruits and Vegetables from the Roof

However, in order for market gardening to actually work in an extreme location such as a roof, all relevant factors must be taken into consideration. ZinCo has, therefore, developed the system build-up Urban Rooftop Farming as a permanent reliable solution. The drainage element Floradrain FD 40-E is at the heart of this build-up.

With 8 in. of ZinCo growing medium, this build-up is suitable for fruit and vegetables such as lettuce, onions, herbs, zucchini, eggplant, squash, cabbage, melons, strawberries and such like.

For vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, green beans, raspberries, blackberries, currants and such like a growing medium depth of 12 to 16 in. is recommended.

The amount of fertilizer and irrigation depends on the requirements of the cultivated vegetable species and on local climate conditions. The use of an organic fertilizer is recommended. To minimize the impact on the run-off avoid overfertilizing. The specific requirements of a roof location (e.g. wind, structural requirements, water run-off) must be observed when planning.

System Build-Up

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