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Green roofs are considered an integral part of a sustainable building strategy.

Kemper System offers a single-source warranty for green roof assemblies comprised of liquid-applied waterproofing membrane, insulation, drain mat, retention mat, filter sheet, growing media and in some instances, the plantings as well.

Kemper Systems monolithic, seamless, rot and root resistant membranes can accommodate virtually any roof landscaping design offering long-term peace-of-mind solutions for extensive landscaped green roof overburdens.

  • Odor-free assembly for sensitive areas and occupied buildings
  • Monolithic, seamless membrane that fully adheres to the surface
  • Rot and root resistant, impervious to bio-deterioration
  • Carries overburden such as growing media, pavers, etc.
  • For extensive green roof design and planters
  • Up to 80 % renewable resource content
  • Single-source warranty on the full roof assembly
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