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Extensive Green Roofs
Extensive landscaped roofs are an ecological alternative to conventional surface protection or ballast layers such as gravel and pavers. They are lightweight and have a shallow build-up height. Suitable plants include various Sedum species, herbs and some grasses. After establishment of the vegetation, the maintenance is limited to one or two inspections a year.

If designed specifically to increase the biodiversity and attract a particular fauna and flora, they are called "Biodiverse Green Roofs". Biodiverse green roofs reproduce natural habitats and attract flora and fauna into the area, e.g. by providing food, nesting opportunities or resting places for creatures, such as spiders, beetles, butterflies, birds, etc.

  • Adapted plant communities
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Supply of water and nutrients mostly by natural processes
  • Shallow build-up height
  • Weight approx. 50150 kg/m
Riedel Green Roofing Images
Sedum Carpet
Ornamental Sedum
Pitched Green Roofs
Extensive Geen Roof "Sedum Carpet"
The Sedum Carpet is a standard build-up for extensive green roofs. It is a shallow and lightweight green roof type with an attractive "back-to-nature" appearance, that requires little maintenance.

Floradrain FD 25-E is the appropriate drainage and waterstorage element for this system. It has the necessary compressive strength, a low profile height, little weight and is walkable. Proven Sedum species, in combination with the adapted substrate and system build-up, guarantee a durable green roof. The system substrate Sedum Carpet is particularly suitable for extensive green roofs as well as the plant community Sedum Carpet , containing various low-growing Sedum species that are wind- and frost-resistant.

The main blooming time is early summer with yellow, red and white flowers dominating. During the year, Sedum Carpet is represented in various shades of green. Red shades show particularly in autumn and are a nice change in the green roof s appearance.

Sedum cuttings are produced by cutting off the shoot tips of selected types of Sedum. This is only possible during the non-flowering period (spring or autumn), as flowering shoots do not easily grow roots. With Sedum cuttings, good ground cover is achieved within 23 years. A faster ground coverage is achieved with plug planting.

System Build-Up
Extensive Green Roof "Ornamental Sedum"
Extensive green roofs call for plant communities that can easily deal with sun, wind and drought. The system build-up Rockery Type Plants leads to an extensive green roof with sophisticated design and individual character. The substrate has a minimum depth of 70 mm and the vegetation consists of various species which provide a long blooming period and set different accents throughout the vegetation period.

Water and nutrients are mostly supplied through natural processes. Rainfall collects in the Floradrain storage cells and roots are provided with water through diffusion. Water is also stored in the protection mat. Excess water is drained away by the Floradrain element.

Sedum species and other perennials are primarily used as a ground cover. The vegetation of Rockery Type Plants is obtained by root ball plants. Hand-planting ensures the design agrees with the landscaping drawings.

The system build-up Rockery Type Plants can also be combined with seed-sowing. Different seed mixtures, such as Meadow Scents , Country Colours and Grassy Pasture provide green roofs with a very attractive back to nature appearance.

System Build-Up
Pitched Green Roofs
According to general regulations for roofs with waterproofing, flat roofs should have a fall of at least 2 %. Pitched roofs start with a slope of 10 (18 %). From 10 on, the green roof system build-up differs significantly from system build-ups below 10 . Shear forces increase with the roof slope and have to be transfered into stable beams. The substrate layer has to be protected against erosion. Plant selection and planting methods are to be adjusted to the relevant slope and exposure.

A professionally waterproofed roof surface, e.g. with bituminous or highpolymer membranes, is a precondition for a durable long-lasting green roof. The waterproofing should be root resistant and a protection mat with high water storage is needed. Floraset FS 75, a multi-functional drainage element of expanded polystyrene is the perfect element for pitched green roofs.

It is very important to take the green roof upkeep and maintenance aspects into account from the early planning stage of the project on. Skylights can be installed as access for the maintenance personnel.

System Build-Up

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