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The Kemper System Eco-Roof is a unique assembly that includes liquid-applied waterproofing membrane and a state-of-the-art media tray system. It provides a monolithic design incorporating the functions of drainage, filtration, retention and irrigation within one component.

With its ability to receive up to 2 feet of soil, growing media design options for extensive or intensive applications are greatly expanded. A Kemper System Eco-Roof roof acts as a thermal blanket to the buildings roof and reduces energy costs for both heating and cooling.

  • Odor-free assembly for sensitive areas and occupied buildings
  • Monolithic, seamless membrane that fully adheres to the surface
  • Rot and root resistant, impervious to bio-deterioration
  • Carries overburden such as growing media, pavers, etc.
  • For extensive green roof design and planters
  • Up to 80 % renewable resource content
  • Single-source warranty on the full roof assembly
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